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Artie Almeida's Easy Echoes & Excellent Ears
Progressive, Fun-to-Play Warm-Ups for Young Players
Arranged by Paul Jennings

Artie Almeida always starts each classroom recorder lesson and ensemble recorder segment with an echo-style warm-up sequence. The purpose is to get students' ears and fingers working, starting with simple sequences and gradually getting more complex.

These reproducible nine separate warm-up sequences, in two sets, were originally in issues of Recorder Classroom magazine. The first six warm-ups are relatively short and easier. They are based on the notes B, A, G, BA, AG, and BAG.

The last three warm-ups are longer and spiral progressively. They feature the notes BAG, BAGC'D', and low D low EBAG. For these more complex warm-ups, three recordings at three different tempi are provided for each.

A variety of lesson plan strategies are included. The warm-ups can be printed or projected. Artie has supplied extensive notes on each sequence with options for using them and adapting them for your classes.

A performance/accompaniment CD is included.

Excellent Ears! B
Excellent Ears! A
Excellent Ears! G
Excellent Ears! BA
Excellent Ears! AG
Excellent Ears! BAG
Easy Echoes, Sequence 1
Easy Echoes, Sequence 2
Easy Echoes, Sequence 3
Fingering Chart


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