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Easy Guitar Songs Student Book
Compiled by Denise Gagné and Tim O'Brien
Book and CD with audio tracks and PowerPoint of all songs
24 pages
Grades 4 - 8

Guitar method book designed to teach students how to play chords to accompany singing. The first fifteen songs use only one chord. By the end of the fifteenth song, students should have mastered forming Em, D, A, C, G and E chords. The remaining ten songs require chord changes.

Includes a CD of all the songs. There are also PowerPoints of all the songs. The audio is linked in the PowerPoint. The book also includes links to many YouTube videos of easy pop songs that you can play using E and A chords.

A minimum purchase of 5 student books is required.

Introduction and History of the Guitar
Parts of the Guitar
How to Read a Chord Chart
How to Hold and Strum the Guitar
How to Tune the Guitar
Chord Charts
Pop Song Links
- Ghost of Tom
- Skin and Bones
- In the Land of Oz
- Land of the Silver Birch
- My Paddle
- Frère Jacques
- Row, Row, Row Your Boat
- Three Blind Mice
- Adieu My Comrades
- The Wandering Cowboy
- This Old Hammer
- Cotton Eye Joe
- Whistle Daughter
- Bells in the Steeple
- L'il Liza Jane
- He's Got the Whole World
- Hey Lidee
- Old Texas
- Found a Peanut
- Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor
-  What Shall We Do with a Silly Sailor?
- Clementine
- Lukey's Boat
- Down in the Valley
- Alouette


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