Elemental Dance - Elemental Music


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Elemental Dance-Elemental Music
The Munich Gunther School 1924-1944
Edited by Michael Kugler
Translation by Margaret Murray
Paperback book
271 pages

In 1924 Dorothee Gunther and Carl Orff founded a School for Gymnastics and Dance whose influence unfolded between the Weimar Republic and the end of the Second World War. In this book seven authors present the entire dance, musical, pedagogical and historical aspects of this school in which Carl Orff’s idea of Elemental Music took shape. A comprehensive documentation section comprises articles by Gunther and Orff from the 1920s and 30s, reviews of artistic and educational work as well as largely unpublished photograph material. Out of this there emerges a multifaceted and lively picture of a great approach to the art of dancing and an improvisatory music practice, arising out of the kindred collaboration between the dancer Maja Lex and the musician Gunild Keetman.

Translator’s Note
Editor’s Preface to the English Translation
Preface to the original German edition of 2002
The Path to Elemental Dance and Elemental Music - Michael Kugler

16 Kaulbachstrasse – from the History of the House – Christine Morawa
The Gunther School as Institution – Michael Kugler
Dorothee Gunther – Barbara Haselbach
Carl Orff and His Pedagogical Ideas – Hermann Regner
Maja Lex – Graziela Padilla
Gunild Keetman – Pedagogue and Composer – Minna Ronnefeld
Hans Bergese – Michael Kugler
The Student Generation – Manuela Widmer

1.  Articles by Dorothee Gunther and Carl Orff

By Dorothee Gunther
The Barbaric Suite (1931)
The Rhythmic Person and Their Education (1932)
The Unity of Music and Movement: A pedagogical and methodical position (1933)
Dorothee Gunther: The Rebirth of German Dance (1936)

By Carl Orff
Movement and Music Education as a Unity (1930/31)
Thoughts about Music with Children and Non-professionals (1931/32)
Music out of Movement (1932)
Elemental Music Practice, Improvisation and Non-Professional Training (1932/33)

2. Movement Training and Dance
2.1.  Programs of Performances
2.2   Reports
2.3   Photographs

3. Orff-Schulwerk Elemental Music Practice
3.1    Program of the Schulwerk Course, Berlin 1932
3.2    Related Articles
3.2.1 Hans F. Redlich: The Function of Music within the Framework of the Gunther School (1931)
3.2.2 Wilhelm Twittenhoff: Music and Movement (1932/33)
3.2.3 Herbert Connor: Rhythmic Community Music  (1932)
3.2.4 Thrasybulos G. Georgiades: the Orff-Schulwerk in Greece (1936)
3.2.5 Rudolf Sonner: Music out of Movement (1936/37)
3.3    Hans Bergese and Gunild Keetman: Compositions for instrumental teaching and ensemble playing

4. School and Teaching
4.1    School Prospectuses
4.2    Teaching Material
4.2.1 Carl Orff: Improvisation model for body percussion
4.3    Photographs

5. Meeting of Gunther School Students, March 1988
List of Participants

6. Epilogue
Annalisa Martens: The Last Years of the Gunther School – Personal Memories

Chronology, Glossary, Bibliography, List of Illustration and Notation Examples, Abbreviations, Contributions


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