Encore Allen Joanis AJMH Medium Hard Marimba Mallets

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The Encore Allen Joanis AJMH Medium Hard Marimba Mallets feature birch shafts hand wrapped latex cores and yarn combining the durability of hemp with the richness and warmth of wool. Allen Joanis, a nationally known director for the WGI group Surround Sound and a composer and drill designer through his design company, wanted a durable series of mallets that have a rich full sound.

Mr. Joanis says, "My composition process has changed since switching to this line of mallets because I am accustomed to having to choose between fullness of sound and articulation. The soft mallets get a full sound in the low end with a clear level of articulation while the extra hard mallets have a full bodied sound without an obnoxious attack. The construction of the mallets are durable yet still retain the desirable qualities and attention to detail that come from a handmade line of mallets."

Birch Shafts

Medium Hard


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