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Energize Your Music Room
By Tim Wiegand
Book and CD ROM

Get your kids energized with engaging games and activities that work.  Energize Your Music Room is intended for Orff Schulwerk classrooms. Students will sing, dance, play instruments, create, and play exciting music games!  The purpose of this book is to encourage both the teacher and the student to use their imaginations and bring back the joy of music class!

Are you tired, do you go home worn out?  Energize Your Music Room also includes Tim Wiegand's complete classroom management plan for elementary music classrooms.  You will be going home with a smile on your face in no time!

Wouldn't it be great to just project songs from Energize Your Music Room (item# 860765) onto your whiteboard so students can read music together as a class? The CD ROM included in this set makes that possible! These interactive white board visuals will make the teacher's job easier! Simply press play on the screen and off you go! Visuals include rules, procedures, playable song tracks, karaoke tracks, teaching tips, objectives, lyrics, scored instrument parts, video files, printable posters, and musical form.

The CD-ROM includes one SMART Notebook File, one PowerPoint file, karaoke tracks, video files, and over 220 printable visuals!

*For use with SMART Boards or any interactive whiteboard with PowerPoint

This publication includes modern audio recordings that will be sure to get kids energized!

Included activities in this set:

Al Needed Sugar
Blue Balloon
Boomwhacker Conductors
Bullfrog Toss
Chicken Salad Salad
Crazy Letters
Cross the Icy River
Deputy Dorkface
Down the Road
Dr. Frank's Activation Game
Dr. King Had a Dream, Yeah!
Hands Off!
Instruments Rule!
Jerry's Halloween
Mixed Signals
Now It Is Time for Fall Festival
Our Festival Hurray!
Out in California
Pizza Night
Pop Goes the Statue
Spy in the Warehouse
The Card Shark Game
The Claymation Game
Tubano Wars
We're Movin' Down
What Do You Watch On TV?
Zombie Tag




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