Evans B12HW 12 Inch Heavyweight Drum Head

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The Heavyweight snare batter head is the thickest, most durable film-based drumhead in the Evans product line. Designed with the “heavy hitter” in mind, the Heavyweight is 23mil thick at the center of the head. While thicker heads often “choke out” due to extreme mass, the Heavyweight reverse dot patch flexes and allows for a wider dynamic range.  Heavweight durability doesn't have to mean a heavily weighted feel!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Construction: 10mil + 10mil + 3mil reverse dot patch
  • 23mil thickness provides maximum durability for the heaviest of hitters
  • Film combination creates compressed attack and a short sustain
  • Level 360 collar prevents head from choking out due to thickness


Snare Batter Comparison


Total Thickness


EC Snare

7mil ply + 10mil ply


Accentuated attack

EC1 Reverse Dot

14mil ply + 3mil dot


Dynamic tonal response

EC Reverse Dot

7mil ply + 10mil ply + 3mil dot


Fat attack with focused tone


10mil + 10mil ply + 3mil dot


Maximum durability, compressed attack




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