Exploring the Science of Sounds


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Exploring the Science of Sounds
100 Musical Activities for Young Children
By Abigail Flesch Connors
Softcover Book
196 pages
Ages 3 - 6  

Here's a fun way to introduce children ages 3-6 years old to the science of sound! In her book, Connors offers 100 activities using materials which are easy to find for a preschool classroom. Children will explore the relationship between size and pitch, use their bodies to create sound, create musical instruments, learn how different materials affect the sound an object makes, and much more! From the wind rustling the leaves to the flapping of a bird's wings, we are surrounded by the science of sounds.

Each lesson is presented with a few notes about the activity, what you'll need, steps for the activity to try, questions to ask, and discoveries to make. Teacher tips are often included.

Chapter 1: The Sounds of Our Bodies
Chapter 2: How Sound Moves: The Science of Acoustics
Chapter 3: Different Objects, Different Sounds: The Science of Timbre, or Sound Quality
Chapter 4: Loud and Soft Sounds: The Science of Loudness
Chapter 5: Fast and Slow Sounds: The Science of Speed and Tempo
Chapter 6: High and Low Sounds: The Science of Pitch
Chapter 7: Outside Sounds: The Science of Natural and Environmental Sounds
Chapter 8: Creating Musical Instruments
Going Forward
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