Extraordinary Music of Mr. Ives


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The Extraordinary Music of Mr. Ives:
The True Story of a Famous American Composer
By Joanne Stanbridge
Hardcover Book  

A tender account of how Charles Ives came to compose the music that expressed the grief and shock of the whole city of New York after the sinking of the Lusitania. 

When the Lusitania was attacked in 1915, the American composer and New Yorker Charles Ives transformed the experience of this heartbreaking news into a musical piece. It begins with a jumble of traffic noises, then the hurdy-gurdy swells into the lovely old hymn “In the Sweet Bye-and-Bye.” In lyrical text and watercolors—sometimes in dramatic wordless spreads—this thoughtful picture book reveals not only a wartime tragedy, but a composer’s conviction that everyday music can convey profound emotion—and help heal a city. Young readers will understand that if they listen, music can be heard in the unlikeliest of places, from the busy chatter of a market to the wail of a fire engine.


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