F-U-N 'n Games Galore: An Orff Based Approach


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F-U-N 'n Games Galore
An Orff Based Approach
By Sue Harvie
Book and instructional DVD
Grades Pre-K thru 6

F-U-N 'n Games Galore is a "Loot Bag" of Interactive games and activities designed to capture creativity and ignite imagination. Students will speak, sing, dance and play everything from the "Funky Chicken" to "Secret Agents", all while embedding skills and concepts which correspond to National Standards. Over 18 lessons including Seasonal Songs, Ice Breakers, Cup Games, Sea Chanteys, Reproducible Graphics and MORE!

The Instructional DVD demonstrates the teaching process and the final presentation of each selection with a multi-aged classroom of students. A Teacher and Kid-Friendly resource for music specialists and classroom teachers alike.  

Also available, is a CD-ROM with images to be reproduced, printed, or projected. Item# 530575

The Orff-chestra
The Pentatonic
Switch - Beat/Socialization Activity
Jump! - Socialization Activity
Row, Row, Row - Introducing the Pitched Percussion Instruments Activity 
Race Car - Responding to Tempo Game
Tickle - Beat vs. Rhythm, Partnering Activity
Let's Go Bugs - Beat vs. Rhythm Activitiy
Aiken Drum - Singing and Playing Activity in Compound Time
I'se the B'y - Action Game using a Canadian Sea Chantey
Pop/Peanut - Pre-Rhythm Reading Activity
Bug Rondo - Rhythm Activity
Pumpkin, Pumpkin - Word Substitution Activity, Accompanied Seasonal Song
Valentine - Tempo Game, Accompanied Seasonal Song
Four Corners - Hiding Game in Compound Time
Cola Challenge - Elimination Game featuring Melodic Improvisation
Secret Agent  - Hide and Seek Rhythm Finding Game
Gonna Roll - Rhythm Reading Dice Game
Funky Chicken - Cup Passing/Movement Game
Shipwreck - Orchestrated Game of Survivor



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