Fantastic Forces


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Fantastic Forces 
by Kate Kuper
Book, enhanced CD, and DVD
52 pages
For grade 3 (adaptable for younger or older students)

Curriculum designed to incorporate movement and music with science in accord with the STEAM initiative. Lesson plans, songs, demonstration DVD, visuals, and student journal pages are included. Also includes teaching tips and strategies. "Science Corner" contributions throughout the book expand knowledge of the concepts being addressed and are written by chemical engineer Troy Vogel. The enhanced CD has warm-up music based on The BrainDance developed by Anne Green Gilbert.   This resource is designed to support general classroom teachers or music and movement educators.

Lesson 1
Part 1: Force, Load & Gravity
Part 2: Compression, Tension & Structures 

Lesson 2
Part 1: Work, Levers & Fulcrums, Levers & Us
Part 2: Three Classes of Levers  

Lesson 3: Lever & Wedge Compound Machines

Lesson 4
Part 1: Wheel & Axle
Part 2: Friction

Lesson 5: Simple Machine Families

Teaching Strategies
Positions and Procedures

Quick Reference Guide




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