First We Sing: Teaching Strategies (Intermediate)


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First, We Sing! Teaching Strategies
Rhythmic and Melodic Elements for Intermediate Grades
By Susan Brumfield
Resource pack
194 pages
Grades 3-5

First We Sing! Kodály-Inspired Teaching and its companion volumes and materials offer guidance and direction for teachers who are new to the Kodály approach. Experienced teachers will find fresh ideas to supplement their materials, along with another perspective on Kodály's philosophy and its implications for teaching today. Finally, the books and teaching materials include a sample Kodály-inspired curriculum guide, which can be adapted for a variety of school settings.

Teaching Strategies for elements taught in the intermediate grades (3-5) are printed on 3-hole punched loose-leaf paper so teachers can easily customize the teaching sequence in order to make the most of each lesson. Each teaching strategy contains a list of requisite readiness elements and skills (what the students need to know and be able to do) before learning the new element. It includes a list of activities to prepare for the new element, a scripted, step-by-step procedure for presenting it, and ways to practice using the new element in each skill area.

Rhythmic Elements and Meter
dotted half note
single eighth note; internal anacrusis
syncopation (eighth note, quarter note, eighth note)
eighth note with two sixteenth notes
two sixteenth notes with one eighth note
dotted quarter followed by an eighth note
eighth note followed by a dotted quarter note
dotted eighth note with a sixteenth note
sixteenth notes followed by a dotted eighth note
3 meter
simple vs. compound meter
6/8 meter

Melodic Elements and Scales
do pentatone
low la
la pentatone
low so
high do
Absolute Pitch Names (G clef)
key signature (B flat)
key signature (F sharp)

Grades 3 - 5 Songlist
Folk Song Anthologies and Other Resources
Art Music for Active Listening
Reading Exercises




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