First We Sing! Teaching Strategies (Primary Grades)


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First We Sing!
Teaching Strategies
Rhythmic and Melodic Elements for Primary Grades
By Susan Brumfield
Resource Pak
Grades K-2

New and experienced teachers alike will find First We Sing! to be a practical, flexible and creative resource for bringing Kodály's approach into American music classrooms.

Teaching strategies for each rhythmic and melodic element are printed on 3-hole punched loose-leaf paper so teachers can easily customize the teaching sequence in order to make the most of each lesson. The materials follow the suggested sequence in the Teacher's Guide (item# 846017), but the flexible packaging makes it easy to use the whole package as is, to customize the curriculum, or to incorporate the strategies into your existing music program. Permission is given to the purchaser to reproduce the materials or adapt for for use with tablets, interactive whiteboards, etc .

Each teaching strategy contains a list of requisite readiness elements and skills (what the students need to know and be able to do) before learning the new element. It includes a list of activities to prepare for the new element, a scripted, step-by-step procedure for presenting it, and ways to practice using the new element in each skill area.

An index of suggested songs, rhymes, and games, along with art music for active listening, and reading exercises for each element are also included.

Steady Beat

Rhythmic Elements and Meter
"ta" and "ti-ti"
quarter rest
2 meter
half note
4 meter
whole note

Melodic Elements

K-2 Songlist
Folk Songs Anthologies and Other Resources
Art Music for Active Listening
Reading Exercises




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