Forgotten Treasures


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Forgotten Treasures
Folk Songs, Dances, and Singing Games for Orff Classes
By Konnie Saliba
Grades K-6

Folk songs, dances, and singing games that Orff master teacher, Konnie Saliba, has used in workshops, conferences, and Orff courses around the country are highlighted in Forgotten Treasures. Process notes, form suggestions, and game or dance directions are included.

Konnie's mastery of the Orff process and orchestration makes this collection of American and world folk songs as well as some seasonal songs and singing games an instant classic.

American Folk Songs
All Around the Kitchen
All the Pretty Little Horses
Big-Eyed Rabbit
Cherries Are Ripe
Bird's Song
Cluck Old Hen
Emma Lou My Darling
Every Night When the Sun Goes Down
Floating Down the River
Frog Went A-Courtin'
Left Hind Leg of a Rabbit
The Elephant
Oh Mah Little Boy
Old House
Old McDonald
Riddle Song
Shady Grove
The Hound Dog Song
This Little Light of Mine

Folk Songs from Around the World
Izika Zumba
Aiken Drum
Stevedore's Song

Holiday Songs
Saint Patrick's Greeting
Love Came Down at Christmas
Pig Went Out to Dig
Valentine Song

Songs and Games for Fun
Bonnie and Clyde
Alex, Get Out
Bubble Gum
Come Dance with Me
Dream Sweet Dreams
If You Ever Meet a Whale
I've Got the Hiccups
Please Pass the Peas, Louise
Lunch for the Witch



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