Freenotes Lilypad

Brand: Freenotes Harmony Park

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Brand new to West Music!  Freenotes Harmony Park offers outdoor musical instruments designed for easy playability, little to no maintenance, can withstand the elements, fun for absolutely ANY age or ability, stunning structural designs, and eclectic timbres.  These are perfect for outdoor musical playgrounds, museums, and/or exploration trails and parks. 

The Freenotes Harmony Park Lilypad is a set of 10 aluminum, silver, anodized discs with stainless steel hardware.  The discs have a bright overall sound with a short sustain and can be struck on the edge of the disc for the best projection.  The Lilypad has 3 mallets that are attached to a black stand.  Mallets are attached by a steel cable with a nylon coating.   This product is available in a steel post or fiber force surface mount or steel post or fiber force in-ground mount.  Easy to follow installation instructions are provided with every Freenotes Harmony Park product.


Tuning is approximately C Major Pentatonic.  Installed height ranges from 24" for lower to the ground players and up to 38" for taller players.  The overall diameter from edge to edge of the entire cymbal cluster is 26".  The base itself is 4' x 4'.


All Freenotes Harmony Park outdoor musical instruments have a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.


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