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From Voice to Hands
Arranged Folk Tunes and Activities to Sing and Ring in the Classroom, Grades 3 - 7
By Sandra Eithun
Book with reproducible student scores and activities
157 pages
Grades 3 - 7

Handbells and tonechimes offer an exciting and fun option for students to comprehend and visualize various musical concepts. This option requires active hands-on participation and fosters musical growth.

These 16 folk songs and activities are designed for the intermediate level general music classroom. Each song is presented in 5 sequential formats:

  • Single melody lines with solfege for unison singing and to introduce the melody
  • Melody is sung, accompanied by blocked chords on handbells or tonechimes
  • Melody only is rung on handbells or tonechimes
  • Melody with standard chords are rung on handbells or tonechimes
  • Fully arranged level 1 or 2 setting rung on handbells or tonechimes as a performance piece

The application of the musical concepts and activities to promote musicianship with each folk song encourages more integration of handbells or tonechimes into an existing curriculum. Several activities offer suggestions for using color if a dry erase board, tag board, or projection system is available, or when making cards for student use for a given activity.

This collection is not designed to be taught page by page, but is meant to be a source to find an activity that would be usable at a particular time to enhance the music classroom curriculum. Student scores and activities are reproducible.

These songs and activities can be played on 2-octave (G4-G6) or 3-octave (C4-C7) sets of handbells or tonechimes.

Button, You Must Wander (Level 1)
Rocky Mountain (Level 1)
Lotus Blossoms (Level 1)
Riddle Song (Level 1)
Down in the Valley (Level 1)
Over the River and through the Wood (Level 1)
Land of the Silver Birch (Level 2-)
Thanksgiving Canon (Level 2-)
Vamos, ninos, al sagrario (Level 2)
Chatter with the Angels (Level 2)
There Was a Jolly Miller (Level 2)
Turn the Glasses Over (Level 2)
Music Alone Shall Live (Level 2)
Streets of Laredo (Level 2)
The Holly and the Ivy (Level 2)
The Keeper (Level 2)


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