Greek Myths in Modes


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Greek Myths in Modes 
By Danai D. Apostolidou-Gagné and Judith Thomas-Solomon
Spiral-bound Book and CD-ROM
50 pages
Grades 4 - 6

Greek Myths in Modes includes all the materials needed to make the ancient Greek myths come alive. The book contains master scores, scripts, images, and extensive lesson plan suggestions. The CD-ROM contains images, instrument parts, full color visuals and student/actor script. High quality audio files of the songs and instrumental pieces are included as well.

This collection is offered as a way to enter the mythical, magical world of Greek kings and heroes. Because these ageless stories provide opportunities for invention and collaboration, they also invite dramatization, and this powerful amalgam makes for memorable learning experiences. The Greek myths in this book have been adapted for use through music, movement, speech play, and modes in an open-ended, elemental style.

The dramas were developed in contrasting styles to be used as separate units, or as complementary groupings for longer programmatic use.  They provide a vibrant, wholly accessible entrance into Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Pentatonic scales. 

On the CD-ROM, each Myth has a folder with Audio Files, Full Scores, Images, pdf Visuals, and full color visuals of the musical examples in .tiff format ready for an interactive whiteboard. There are also folders of the modes, other images and the script pdf.

How Heaven and Earth Came into Being
Mode: Aeolian
Focus: Movement Exploration

Jason and the Magic Fleece
Mode: Lydian
Focus: Vocal Improvisation

The Fate of Icarus
Mode: Pentatonic
Focus: Development of Melodic Criteria; Ostinati Vocabulary

Perseus and Medusa
Mode: Dorian
Focus: Vocal Improvisation/Recitative

Dimitra and Persephone
Mode: Phrygian
Focus: Creating Speech Pieces from Short Phrases; Creating Dialogue from a Story

Hercules and the Hydra
Mode: Mixolydian
Focus: Mixolydian Mode and Mixed Meter

Pandora’s Box
Mode: Silence
Focus: Pantomime


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