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Hands to Hands
Hand Clapping Songs and Games from Around the World
By Aimee Curtis Pfitzner
Spiral-bound Book
61 pages

Hand clapping songs and games collected from music teachers from around the world. These hand clapping games are universal, some are familiar, some are brand new. Rhythmic play with songs and changes is the instinctive music language of children. This collection is filled with high-energy and engaging materials all ages will enjoy.

Each song and clapping game is engraved with unique body percussion notation making it easy to learn and to prepare the activities for students. Formations, dance steps, or other special instructions are included in each song and game. Supplemental resources are available to purchasers including full color visuals in PDF format and videos of several of the games.

Photos of Clapping
Backe, Backe, Kuchen - Germany
Bate, bate, chocolate - Mexico
Bella Bimba - Italy
Bim Bam - Serbia/USA
Cha Tsubo - Japan
Cuddly Koala - Australia
Danse Tyrolienne - France
Double, Double and Mariposa - England and Mexico
Eci Peci Pec - Croatia
En la calle veinticuatro - Spain
Ene Mene Miste - Germany
Four White Horses - Caribbean
Gargarita Rita - Romania
Global Greetings - USA
Hi Lo Chickalo - Scotland
Hokey Pokey Penny a Lump - Scotland
Humpty Dumpty - USA
I Let Her Go Go - Trinidad/Tobago
Ladushki - Russia
My Aunty Anna - Australia
Mama Celina - Kenya
The Mexican Woodpecker - Australia
Navajo Happy Song - Navajo
Naughty Child - Kenya
Not Last Night But the Night Before - Australia
O Mochi O Tsukimasho - Japan
Paki Paki - Maori/New Zealand
Papegaaitje Leef Je Nog - Belgium
Parlez Vous Francais - France/USA
Pok Ame Ame - Indonesia
Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers - England
Por aqui paso un caballo - South America
Ritsch Ratsch - Sweden
Ron macaron tinterro - Costa Rica
Si, si, si! - California
Son macaron - Unknown
Tepuk Tepuk Tangan - Indonesia
X A X B - France
Sto Mi E Milo - macedonia
Zoom, Zoom and ABC - Kenya


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