Heartbeats Magnets

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HeartBeats Magnets
Set of 20 flexible magnets
16 small and 4 large heart-shaped magnets

HeartBeats Magnets are a great addition to the music classroom!  They are printed directly on flexible magnet material, allowing them to be used on magnetic dry-erase boards.  Use HeartBeats to teach steady beat, rhythm, and meter.  Show, touch, feel, and perform patterns of beats; patterns of quarters and 2-eighths; or patterns of stressed and unstressed beats to understand duple and triple meters. Great for pre-reading (left to right eye movement) and ear training activities, with students arranging the HeartBeats of the patterns they hear played, then playing, clapping, singing, touching, or conducting them.

*Not for use with dry-erase markers. Product will be permanently damaged if used with markers.


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