Hohner 154 Harmonica Holder

Brand: Hohner

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The Hohner 154 harmonica neck holder is comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for every harp musician. This harmonica holder is designed to fit most 10-hole harmonicas. It is a fully adjustable, one-size-fits-all harmonica holder that easily locks in place at any distance from your mouth. 

Harmonica holders are an essential accessory if you play the harmonica and guitar at the same time, as the sole purpose of harmonica holders is to provide you with hands-free playing. However the major challenge for many harmonica musicians is to keep good pressure between the harmonica and your mouth without using your hands. This pressure is vital in order to have good tone and accurate sounding notes. 

The Hohner 154 harmonica neck holder is a sturdy harp holder that will remain close to your mouth when you play the harmonica and keep the harp in the correct position. A single wing nut is used to lock it in playing position, so all you need to do is just throw in your harp and you're ready to start playing the harmonica. 

  • Fits Marine Band 24, 28, Soloist and tremolo & octave tuned harmonicas as well as 10-hole harps
  • Plastic-coated metal neck brace

NOTE: Harmonica is not included.


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