Interact with Music Assessment Level 2


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Interact with Music Assessment Level 2
By Manju Durairaj
Book , DVD-ROM, and digital download code

Interact with Music Assessment Level II presents over 40 interactive formative and summative assessments with customizable rubrics. In addition to the interactive material, there are quizzes and worksheets that may be printed or sent to tablets for completion, and manipulatives that may be printed out and laminated.

These assessments follow a sequential progression for teaching the following musical concepts:

  • Rhythm: Meter (steady beat, duple and triple meter, time signature) and Duration (quarter note and rest, and eighth notes)
  • Pitch: Solfege (moveable do, major and minor pentatonic) and Intervals (lines/spaces, skips, steps, repeats)
  • Expressive Elements: Dynamics (pp, mp, p, mf, f, ff, sfz, crescendo, decrescendo) and Tempo (largo, andante, moderato, allegro, presto, ritardando, accelerando, legato and staccato)
  • Harmony: (unison, melodic ostinato-tonic and dominant, rounds-rhythm and melody, descant, partner song)
  • Form: (Elemental, Binary, Ternary, Rondo)

The included DVD-ROM offers step-by-step interactive lessons for SmartBoard and Promethean, compatible with SmartNotebook 11 and Promethean ActivInspire 1.8.6 software. No interactive whiteboard? No problem. InterAct using the free download viewer software options. Instructions and website links enclosed. No DVD-Rom drive? No problem. InterAct using the optional DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CODE. Files may be directly downloaded to your computer.



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