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Interactive Now Recharged
Selected Units from Volumes 1 and 2

By Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas


Grades K – 5


Selected favorite units from the first two volumes of Interactive Now are recharged with fresh graphics, updated content and Adobe Flash programming.


Contents (grades)

Beat Box (K-2) – An introductory lesson about sound/no sound and one or two sounds per beat.

Apple Tree (K-2) – Use for teaching steady beat and audiation.

Pretzels and Popsicles (K-2)– Use virtual stick notation to create new rhythms.

What Melody Do You Hear? (2-4) – Match iconic notation to audio samples.

What Rhythm Do You Hear? (2-4) - Match rhythm notation to audio samples.

Leap to the Staff (2-4) – An introduction to the staff.

Blast from the Staff (2-4) – A competitive note-reading game.

“La Raspa” (2-4) – Use to teach about Mariachi music and rondo form.

“The Star-Spangled Banner” (3-5) – Explore the meanings of the lyrics and play an interactive matching game.

Peter and the Wolf (3-5) – Teach about the instruments and characters in this classic work.


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