Interactive Now Volume 9


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Interactive Now Volume 9
Lessons and Activities for the Elementary Music Classroom
By Debbie Anderson
CD compatible with SMART and all IWBs
Grades K - 5

This is volume 9 in a series of collections of interactive whiteboard lessons and activities designed for use in the elementary music classroom. Appropriate grade levels are suggested for each lesson, but can be used with other grades according to your classroom needs. Lesson suggestions and printable worksheetsand resources are embedded within the interactive lessons. Quick Tips and Printable Resources are included for your convenience.

These ten engaging interactive lessons include units about music notation; rhythmic dictation; differentiating between major and minor tonalities; differentiating amongst solo, duet, trio and quartet ensembles; an introduction to recorders; recorder fingering recognition; biographical information about J. P. Sousa; listening activity emphasizing tempo; and rhythmic figure identification.

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Ready, Set...Solo, Duet, Trio, or Quartet? Grades K-3
Explore the differences between these ensembles in this interactive lesson.

Tempo Time - Grades K-3
Listen to famous works and discover how the tempo of a piece of music affects the mood.

Tic-Tac-Note (Beginner) - Grades K-2
Identify rhythm figures with this team-play classic.

Crazy Cups Notation Game - Grades K-5
Your students won't even realize they are sorting music symbols in this fast-paced, competitive game.

Major, Minor - Grades K-3
Learn the differences between these tonalities and listen to examples of music for each.

Dictation Station - Grades 3-5
This challenging activity will have your students listening for common rhythm figures

Ready to Play Recorders - Grades 3-5
Here's a great way to introduce the basics of playing recorders.

Recorder Splash Cards - Grades 3-5
Reinforce recorder fingerings with this matching activity.

Tic-Tac-Note (Intermediate) - Grades 3-5
Identify rhythm figures with this team-play classic.

Sousa: The March King - Grades 3-5
Learn about the life and work of this inspirational American composer.



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