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Jazz Mosaic

Jazz Activities for the Early Childhood Classroom

By Louise Rogers and Susan Milligan

Book and CD

51 pages
Grades PreK - 3


Jazz Mosaic brings the joy of jazz music into your classroom every day through a variety of age-appropriate, play-centered lessons that can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum. Students will learn about jazz greats, styles, and history through activities and cross-curricular connections that are creative and engaging. Easy to teach, the music lessons are appropriate for children in pre-school through third grade.


The accompanying CD contains examples and vocals for echoing, learning and fun! Jazz Mosaic provides a broad range of enjoyable and educational activities from which to choose for both classroom and music teachers. Your students will discover the exciting world of jazz music and will be beboppin' and scatting with the cool cats in no time with Jazz Mosaic!

Book Contents
Elements of Jazz
How to Use This Book

Chapter 1:  Scatting – Ella Fitzgerald

Chapter 2:  Bebop – Charlie Parker

Chapter 3:  Cool Jazz – Miles Davis

Chapter 4:  Dixieland – Louis Armstrong

Chapter 5:  Swing and Big Band – Duke Ellington

Chapter 6:  Swing – Benny Goodman

Chapter 7:  Latin Jazz – Tito Puente

Chapter 8:  The Blues – Taj Mahal

Chapter 9:  Jazz Poetry (highlighting the poetry of Eve Merriam)

Chapter 10: A Jazz Festival in Your School


   Division of Rhythmic Values, Measure or Bar, Tempo, Meter, Time Signatures, Jazz Terminology,

   Swing, The Swing Style, Swing Dance, The Blues

Standard Blues Form with Bass Note

Listening Lists


CD Contents
1. Crusty Cornbread

2. Animal Blues

3. Ella Fitzgerald Sang Bop Boo Day

4. Dat Dere

5. Charlie Parker Played Be Bop

6. Now’s the Time

7. So What

8. A Tisket, A Tasket

9. I Thought About You

10. What Did You Have for Breakfast?


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