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The new Kala Ukelimba is the creation of musician/artist extraordinaire Steve Einhorn, who while tinkering with some broken Kala Ukes and various items collected on long walks created the first Ukelimba. The result is a resonant and lovely sounding instrument in the Key of C that goes perfectly with the ukulele.

The Ukelimba came to life in a very organic fashion. Einhorn explains, “My "Ukelimbas" are all made from broken ukes that Kala has sent me over the past few years; and found objects, including street sweeper brush bristles, that I pick up on my long walks in Olympia, Seattle, New York City, Brooklyn, or wherever I happen to be walking. The only store-bought material I've used in the construction of my Ukelimbas is 5-Minute Epoxy and Super Glue to repair any cracks or loose braces. Some bracing is impossible to access by hand so there is some buzzing and other rogue vibrations that "enhance" the sound of the vibrating metal keys.”

Some of Einhorn’s first Ukelimbas are on display at Kala’s headquarters. “Everyone who sees them, loves them and wants to play them,” stated Mike Upton. “Once people start to play them it is hard to get them back. It is a very addictive percussive instrument that anyone can play. This makes it a great instrument to have during a jam session. It is very easy for anyone to play and no matter what you play on the Ukelimba, it sounds great!”

The Ukelimbas are hand-made at Kala’s industrial workshop in California.



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