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Kodály Today
A Cognitive Approach to Elementary Music Education
Second Edition
By Micheal Houlahan and Philip Tacka

Kodaly Today Handbook Series

  • Equips music instructors for teaching musicianship in both the aural/oral and written music traditions
  • Provides a comprehensive approach to music teaching
  • Positions performance, movement, repertoire, instruments, music literacy skills, music creativity, and music listening as the basis for a music education
  • Includes Curriculum Goals, Repertoire lists, and a Pedagogical List of Songs arranged according to grade level

New to this Edition:

  • Features methodology specifically developed for the 21st century
  • Fully integrated with the Kodaly Today handbooks series
  • Updated and revised core text
  • New chapters addressing the application of the Kodály method to the elementary choir and the use of technology in the Kodály classroom

Chapter 1: Building the Framework of a Music Curriculum Based on the Kodály Concept
Chapter 2: Developing a Music Repertoire of Songs For The Elementary Music Classroom
Chapter 3: Developing Creative Expression In The Elementary Classroom Through Singing Movement and Playing Instruments
Chapter 4: Teaching Tools and Techniques for Developing Audiation and Music Literacy Skills
Chapter 5: From Sound to Symbol: A Model of Learning and Instruction for Teaching Music Concepts and Skills
Chapter 6: Grade One Through Five Teaching Strategies for Rhythmic and Melodic Concepts and Elements
Chapter 7: Developing Musicianship Skills in the Classroom
Chapter 8: Technology in the Kodály Classroom
Chapter 9: Applying the Kodály Concept to the Elementary Choir
Chapter 10: Sequencing and Lesson Planning
Chapter 11: Teaching Musicianship Skills Starting in the Upper Grades
Chapter 12: Evaluation and Assessment
Chapter 13: Organizing Your Teaching Resources for Elementary Classroom


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