Lesson Planning in a Kodaly Setting


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Lesson Planning in a Kodaly Setting (A Guide for Music Teachers)
By Rita Klinger
58 pages

With this book, Rita Klinger provides the Kodaly educator a framework for planning flowing, musical lessons.  She offers a step-by-step approach to designing one's own lesson plans, through discussion of long-term goals and considerations, sequence of concept and skill development, and development of a teaching strategy. Some sample lesson plans are also included.

Table of Contents
I.   The Kodaly Approach to Music Education
II.  Long-Term Planning
   A. Preparation, Presentation, and Practice
   B.  Long-Term Goals and Considerations
   C. Suggested Sequence of Concept and Skill Development
   D. Developing a Teaching Strategy
III. On the Road to Daily Planning: Applying the Strategies
IV.  Designing a Focus
  A. Sample presentation lessons
V.   Building a Lesson Sement
  A. Complementing a Focus
  B. Transitions
VI.  Keeping Track: Plans and Charts
VII. Putting it All Together
Appendix 1: Sample Plans
Appendix 2: Practice Objectives
   A. Rhythmic Skill Development
   B. Melodic Skill Development
Appendix 3: Rhythm Syllables
Appendix 4: Bibliography
   A. Selected Sources for Song Materials
   B. Suggested Readings
Appendix 5: Discography



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