Lessons in Elemental Style


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Lessons in Elemental Style
A Collection of works with notes and suggestions for further development and improvisation
Music for Children supplement  
By Steven Calantropio
90 pages
Grades 4 - 6

This collection of original works and folk music arrangements has detailed process teaching steps and suggestions for the development of musical skills and concepts for the upper elementary grades. Lessons span a stylistic range from traditional folk songs arranged in parts to experimental ideas that mirror contemporary trends in music.

Lessons in Elemental Style is both a continuation and elaboration of the ideas and materials in his earlier book Pieces and Processes (part# 824033). Each lesson is a reproducible model for students experienced in elemental music-making, and also is a collection of ideas, processes, sources and improvisational concepts that can be adapted and used as tools in developing other experiences.

The goal is to provide some tools music educators need to effectively teach lessons of their own design as they assimilate the skills of process teaching and lesson development presented in this book.

Part 1
About This Book
What Is Elemental Style?
Lesson Flow and Structure
How to Use This Book
The Role of Improvisation in Elemental Style
A Toolbox for Improvisation

Part 2
1.  Hey, Ho to the Greenwood
2.  La Danse
3.  To Work Upon the Railway
4.  Raspberries
5.  Spring Carol
6.  The Farmer's Dance
7.  Hushabye
8.  Somebody's Waiting for Me
9.  A Piece of Glass
10. Lydian Piece
11. A Bit of Orff




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