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Let’s Clap, Jump, Sing & Shout; Dance, Spin & Turn It Out!
Games, Songs & Stories from an African American Childhood
Collected by Patricia C. McKissack
Illustrated by Brian Pinkney
Hardcover Book
173 pages
All ages

Collection of African-American playtime lore from McKissack’s childhood in the American South. Classic games, hand claps, songs, poems stories, and more are included. Notes about the selections and the author’s experiences are interesting. A table of coded words, their spiritual meaning, and their runaway’s meaning is in with the songs inspired by the underground railroad. Unfortunately, melodies are not notated and some games have only brief, general instructions.

Chapter 1: From Hand to Hand: Hand Claps
Patty-Cake, Mary Mack, Solomon Grundy, Monkey Hand Claps, Eenie Meenie Miney Mo and other versions, Eenie Meenie Sassafreeny, Shame, Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop

Chapter 2: Turn About: Jump Rope Rhymes and Games
Single-Rope Jumping Rhymes: Ice Cream, One to Ten and Then Again, Found a Dollar, Letters, Miss Mousey
Hot Pepper: Set the Table, Hot Hot Pepper
Double Dutch: Jump with Me, Puttin’ Little Sister to Bed, I Know, Left Right Left, Jump Back Honey Jump Back
Under the Rope, Tug-of-War

Chapter 3: Shake Yo’ Body: Circle Games and Ring Shouts
I You’re Happy, Little Sally (Waters) Walker, Aunt Dinah, Shake Your Body
Stomp and Shout Folk Songs: Dem Bones, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, Kum Bah Yah

Chapter 4: Follow the Drinking Gourd: Songs Inspired by the Underground Railroad
This Glory Train, When I Get to Heaven, Get on Board, Steal Away, Follow the Drinking Gourd, Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Chapter 5: Make a Joyful Noise: Spirituals, Hymns, and Gospel Music
Spirituals: Joshua Fit (Fought) the Battle of Jericho, Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, Oh Freedom
Hymns: Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, I’ll Be a Sunbeam
Gospel Music: This Little Light of Mine, Give Me That Old-Time Religion, Precious Lord Take My Hand, I’ll Fly Away, Amazing Grace

Chapter 6: Pearls of Wisdom: Proverbs, Psalms, and Parables

Chapter 7: A Word to the Wise: Superstitions, Fables, and Mama Sayings

Chapter 8: On Program: Performance Pieces Inspired by African American Writers
Paul Lawrence Dunbar, James Weldon Johnson, Langston Hughes

Chapter 9: On the Porch or by the Fire: Folktales and Storytelling
All Stories Belong to Anansi, Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Fox
Cautionary Tales: The Skull, The Singing Tortoise, John Massa and Charlie the Mule
The Ballad of John Henry a Steel-Drivin' Man, Laughing Lizzy - a Jump Tale 



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