Maestro, Maestro, What Do You See?


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Maestro, Maestro, What Do You See?
By Phyllis Thomas
Grades PreK - 1

Have fun with your youngest students as they learn basic concepts in rhythm, melody, and form, and get to know the orchestral instruments in this interactive collection of lessons and activities. Pulled from Volume 8 of the magazine Activate! Music, Movement & More, these lessons build on each other and culminate in student composition.  The Printable Resources section contains fully processed lesson suggestions and additional printable files to help prepare your students for the interactive units and/or further engage in the activities from the board. Lesson suggestions including extension and assessment ideas are included in every unit to expand and enhance student learning while making the lessons easy for you to implement.

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Title and Objectives
An Introduction to Musical Instruments - Students will identify instruments by sight and will sing a sol-mi melody.

Steady Beat - Students will learn about steady beat and place icons in the beat boxes. Students will experience the beat while singing.

Rhythm and Instruments - Discover how sounds can be short or long, and how a single beat may have one, two, or no sounds. Then, explore the numbers of sounds (syllables) in the names of orchestral instruments.

Form and Rhythm - Students will learn about Question and Answer form and then apply their knowledge of rhythm to create their own answers using iconic notation.

Melody and Composing - Students will explore high and low sounds, relate them to sol and mi, and then put it all together to create their own melody and rhythm for the question part of the song.



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