Malletech Concerto Series CN26 Very Hard Marimba Mallets

Brand: Malletech

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The Malletech Concerto Series CN26 Very Hard Marimba Mallets have maximum projection and produce the brightness of a hard, unwrapped mallet with the warmth and breathe of tone of a wrapped mallet

The Concerto Series has been designed specifically for those players looking for a heavier mallet with a big sound that will project through a large ensemble, but do not want the contact noise that is usually associated with this type of mallet. Compared to standard traditional mallets of similar hardness, the player will immediately notice proportionally more fundamental tone and greater volume. While many synthetic yams suffer from high-pitched "tick", this yam is very quiet on the attack, while exceeding the durability and abrasion resistance of nylon.


Color: Green

Handles: Birch

Core Type: 1 1/8 in plastic ball

Layers: 1-2 layers of latex

Yarn: No Fray Poly


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