Malletech Essential Series ESHV Hard Vibraphone Mallets

Brand: Malletech

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The Malletech Essential Series ESHV Hard Vibraphone Mallets have hefty rattan shafts provide a powerful, dynamic feel. Tightly wound heads utilize tough nylon yarn to impart excellent tone and projection.

Malletech went to top music schools, conductors, educators and players to find out what was missing in mallets. We listened and delivered what they wanted: Simplicity, great sounds and increased value through durability. Essentials are the original color-coded mallets, just grab a color and play. When all you need is soft, medium and hard, the Essential Series is the simple, affordable, and long-lasting solution.


Handles: Rattan

Core Type: 3/16 in Rubber Mushroom

Layers: Bronze Core in Mushroom

Yarn: White Nylon


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