Malletech Grand Soloist GS7 Medium Soft Grey Marimba Mallets

Brand: Malletech

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The Malletech Grand Soloist GS7 Medium Soft Grey Marimba Mallets produce a articulate full tone in all ranges.

These mallets feature a rubber core plus an additional layer of latex, mounted on select birch shafts and are much heavier than usual. Unlike most of Malletech's marimba mallets, they are similarly weighted. They are also wrapped differently than any of the other Malletech marimba models. The synthetic blend of extremely durable yarn is wrapped medium-tightly, and angled to produce a rounder head shape. Gordon's design is a great choice for players who emphasize clear articulation.



Handles: Birch

Core Type: 1 1/8 in rubber ball

Layers: Plus Latex

Yarn: Gray Monofilament



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