Malletech Jazz Classic Series JC16 Hard Vibraphone Mallets

Brand: Malletech

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The Malletech Jazz Classic Series JC16 Hard Vibraphone Mallets are heavyweight vibe mallets that are designed for maximum power, volume and breadth of tone. A very lignt touch produces a fullfundamental tone.

The Jazz Classics Series mallets have a unique large bronze core that increases the mass of the rubber mallet head vvithout affecting hardness. Compared to most vibe mallets, the JC's are both larger and heavier and the rattan handles are proportionally larger in diameter. Rattan handle diameters are 9 mm to 9.5 mm.


Handles: Rattan

Core Type: 13/16 in Rubber Mushroom

Layers: Bronze Core in Mushroom

Yarn: Gray Nylon




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