Malletech LS20 Leigh Stevens Med/Very Hard Marimba Mallets

Brand: Malletech

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The Malletech Leigh Howard Stevens LS20 Multi Tonal Medium to Very Hard Marimba Mallets is a general use mallet that is medium to very hard. Model LS20 is articulate and bright in tone above mezzo forte.

The nine models in the Stevens line are the smoothest rolling, least "slappy" mallets for solo marimba playing available anywhere in the world. Each model has four to six distinct layers of construction which work with the player to generate maximum bar sound, minimize contact noise and offer superb low-dynamic control, all without sacrificing any of the high volume potential of a normal mallet. These layers of construction and performance features are built into a mallet that is medium weight, perfectly balanced and therefore easy to maneuver through today's challenging solo literature.

All Leigh Howard Stevens mallets feature super-soft, and now improved, longer lasting yarn and select birch handles.


Tone: Multi Toned

Handles: Birch

Core Type: 1” in Plastic Ball

Layers: 1 of 4 layers of latex or foam

Yarn: Fluffy White Blend


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