Mike Balter Super Vibe 122R Hard Rattan Vibe Mallets

Brand: Mike Balter

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The Mike Balter Super Vibe 122R Hard Rattan Vibe Mallets are perfect for the top third of the vibes. These mallets are designed to generate a full, lavish, powerful tone taking your vibe playing to an unprecedented level. Super Vibe mallets are made specifically with large, massive weighted mushroom shaped heads that bring out a full fundamental. Wound with an extremely durable synthetic material, on rattan handles.

This series of mallets is very similar to the famous Pro Vibe series of mallets but with more weight and larger heads to bring out additional rich tones.


Hardness: Hard

Handles: Rattan

Green Polyester Wrap

Head Diameter: 1 1/2”  

Overall Length: 15 1/2"


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