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Modal Mosaic
By Robert A. Amchin
Book and CD-ROM
52 pages
Grades 4 - 8

These short modal pieces with complete Orff process lesson plans and  suggestions for student compositions can kick start students' composition and improvisation skills. Some have easy mixed meters. Using the pieces as models, students learn them, expand them, and create new pieces based on them.

Audio tracks, interactive visuals, and listening maps for teaching extensions are on the included CD-ROM.

While written for Orff instruments and recorders, these arrangements can be adapted for other instrumental settings without Orff instruments.

The book could be a supplemental text for Orff level courses.

Title - Mode
Welcome Canon - Ionian
If You Want to Play - Ionian
Xylo-Fun - Ionian
Dance for Debbi - Dorian
Dorian Dance - Dorian
Sweet and Sour - Dorian
Mystical Journey - Phrygian
Sea Breeze - Phrygian
Phrygian Journey - Phrygian
Shirin's Song - Lydian
Boots and Gingi - Lydian
Shirin's Song, Part Two - Lydian
Ben's Dance - Mixolydian
Five Alive - Mixolydian
Miriam's Dance - Mixolydian
Sharks - Aeolian
Stalking Cats - Aeolian
Bridgewater - Aeolian
Goblin's Dance - Locrian


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