Morgan Brace Guard for Braces

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Attention all musicians with braces - You don't need to sacrifice your comfort or your embouchure any more!

The Morgan Bumper is designed to provide orthodontic patients with a comfortable, easily installed shield for their brackets that bumpers their lips and cheeks from discomfort often associated with braces. Any wind player with braces who is experiencing lip and cheek pain or distress related to orthodontic care can benefit from the use of the Morgan Bumper. The device provides a smooth surface that inhibits ulceration formation and allows existing ulcerations to heal.

The Morgan Bumper is formed from soft, pliable medical grade polyvinylchloride (PVC) that was chosen for its flexibility and adaptability at body temperature.

The Bumper clamps over the braces and its C-shaped design allows the patient to press the device into place.  Semi-cylindrical ridges snap over the brackets and O-rings.  There is no force or pressure applied by the Bumper.

The elasticity of the legs of the Bumper tend to close the channel, snapping the ridges into engagement with the brackets and O-rings outer surfaces.  This facilitates retention of the shield on the brackets.

Once the device is in place, the patient's lip applies additional inward pressure to keep the shield in place.

Here's how it works!
Step 1: Trim the Morgan Bumper to length as required to fit your braces. 
Step 2: Place the middle of the cut section over your two front teeth and smooth the Bumper toward your back teeth using your index fingers.  
Step 3: Play your instrument free of pain!


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