Music from the Republic of Georgia, Volume 1


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Music from the Republic of Georgia, Vol. 1
by Patty Cuyler and Mollie Stone
Book w/DVD
Grades 2-12

This book includes twelve traditional three-part folk songs from the Republic of Georgia which can be performed with mixed, youth or adult choirs, all-male or all-female ensembles, or children's choirs. Included in the book are scores, word sheets, a pronunciation guide, a short history of Georgia and its music, rehearsal techniques and tips for authentic performance. 

Arrangements are for middle school to high school singers; some are adaptable for younger singers.

The accompanying teaching DVD includes pronunciation and performance video. The DVD was filmed with 25 singers aged 8-18 from Chicago Children's Choir and Shergil Pirstkhelani of Ensemble Zedashe from Sighnaghi, Republic of Georgia.

Included songs: 
Aragvisp'iruli lashkruli (marching song from Kartl-k'akheti)
Bail-betkil (round-dance from Svaneti)
Chela (cart-driver's song from Samegrelo)
Deda mogik'vdesa (mother's lament from Tusheti)
Imeruli mgzavruli (traveling song from Imereti)
Lemchil (round-dance from Svaneti)
Megruli alilo (Christmas carol from Samegrelo)
Rach'uli nana (lullaby from Rach'a)
Shari-shuri (folk song from Kartl-k'akheti)
Tselo mousvi balakhsa (folk song from Kartl-k'akheti)
Ts'mindao ghmerto (orthodox chant from eastern Georgia)
Uts'inares mas vadidebt (love song from Guria)


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