Music Match-Ups


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Music Match-Ups
Music Symbol and Treble Clef Recognition Games
By Nancy Otto
Interactive CD-ROM with Print and Play option
Grades 3-6

The two games presented on this CD-ROM are memory-style games, intended to reinforce students' knowledge of the basic music symbols, and the treble clef note names. Each game is presented in two different formats. The Print and Play documents are designed for small group use, and the PowerPoint format is intended for use as a team game for the entire class, presented on an IWB.

In Treble Clef Match-Up, students must match a note on a music staff with its corresponding letter name.
In Music Symbol Match-Up, students must match a music symbol with its printed name.

In addition to their use as a small group activity, the Print and Play cards can be used for individual student assessment.



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