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Musicplay PreK Part 1: Fall
By Denise Gagné
Teacher's Guide and CD
52 pages
For PreK

Collection of lessons for fall with activities for children to chant, sing, play, move, dramatize, listen to and create music. Children learn key musical concepts such as high/low. Action songs teach letters and letter sounds. Classical and world music are used in music examples. Designed for fall months, 12 sequenced lessons are outlined with 10-12 activities in each lesson. Music specialists and classroom teachers can use this resource.

Includes a CD with recordings of all poems, chants, and listening examples. A digital resource is also available separately or in a set with the teacher's guide.  

Time for Music, Three Little Monkeys, Alligator Alarm, Short Letter A, Monkeys, Shake It Together, Let's Play Instruments, Play the Instruments Quickly, Play and Stop, Brandenburg & Bach, Skinamarink

1-2-3-4, Alphabet Song - Zee, Alphabet Song - Zed, One Potato, Farmer Brown, Letter M, Morgan Monkey, Autumn & Vivaldi

Counting Song, Fall Leaves

Open Shut Them, Loud and Quiet Sounds, Way Up High in the Apple Tree, Letter T, Turkey Tango, Hey Everybody

Slowly Quickly, Eensy Weensy Spider, Letter D, Dance Doggie - D, Follow Me Game, Fast and Slow Sounds

Little Miss Muffet, Spider on the Floor, Letter C, C - Cool Cat, Bony Skeletons

Criss Cross Applesauce, High and Low Sounds, Five Little Pumpkins

I Like Puppies, Letter B, Bebop the Bear, Bear Hunt

Poppies Red, Teddy Bear Hoedown, Ring Around the Rosie

Long and Short Sounds, Letter G, Grumpy Gorilla, African Drums



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