Musser M50 3.5 Oct Professional Rosewood Xylophone

Brand: Musser

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The Musser M50 3.5 Oct Professional Rosewood Xylophone features triple-tuned rosewood bars. To bring out the natural beauty of the wood, the bars are lightly stained and lacquered. Detachable resonators are silver powder coated aluminum for durability and scratch resistance. The 3.5-octave rosewood xylophone has a wood frame with folding aluminum legs and five position height adjustments.


Supplied with mallets and shallow drop cover.

M50 - Bars: Rosewood

Tuning: A=442 Hz 

Range: c5-c8 

Bars: 1-1/2" wide, 7/8" thick 

Height: 34-3/4" 

Length: 53-5/8" 

Width: Low end - 30-3/4"; High end - 11-1/8"


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