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My Recorder Primer 3rd Edition
35 Songs in 6 Lessons, D-E-G-A
By Isabel McNeill Carley
Softcover Book
28 pages
For teacher and student beginning recorder players


My Recorder Primer is written for young beginners. Rhythm play is introduced immediately in triple as well as duple meter and only four notes are used for RH and LH – G, E, A and low D. There are rhymes, Curwen hand signals and improvisation opportunities. Note and rest values are introduced gradually in this order: quarter, half, eighth, dotted half, whole, and brief reference to sixteenth.  

All student pieces are on staffs of one, two or three lines, except for the last two which are on the conventional five-line staff.  When included, ostinato accompaniments are on the complete staff. Breathing and articulation are clearly explained.  

Many of the 35 songs, largely composed by Carley (some set to traditional rhymes and sayings), include suggested parts for pitched and unpitched percussion and body percussion, as well as teacher notes for games and improvisation activities.  

This third edition retains the contents of the second edition with the addition of expanded reference and resource materials.  

Introductory Pages 
   Hand Signs and Instrument Abbreviations 
   Reading Writing and Saying Time Names; Tags (Pointers used throughout the Lessons) 
   Editor’s Note 
   Author’s Foreword


  1. Rhythm Play – quarter note and quarter rest
  2. Rhythm Play – half note and half rest, dotted half note
  3. Rhythm Play – Playing G
  4. Playing E – Ostinati
  5. Playing A – Using Hand Signs
  6. Playing D

   Fingerings for Recorders in F and C


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