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My Recorder Reader 1 (4th Edition)
41 Songs in G Pentatonic
By Isabel McNeill Carley
Softcover Book
22 pages
For beginner soprano recorder players

This collection of folk songs, original melodies, and short exercises are all pentatonic and in order so that the beginning recorder player can gain security with each new tone before adding another. Almost no space is devoted to explanation of notation or recorder techniques; it is a “reader” book.  Tunes are all in G major and e minor pentatonic; tones are introduced in the order B A G E D D’.  

Simple accompaniments for non-pitched and pitched percussion are occasionally included. There are opportunities for solos and small group ensembles.  

This fourth edition retains the contents of the third edition with the addition of expanded reference and resource materials.  


Introductory pages 
   Author’s Foreword (To Learn a New Song) 
   Hand Signs and Instrument Abbreviations 
   Reading and Saying Time Names
   Editor’s Note

Music and Recorder Notes Introduced

Start with B and A, This Is B, Hi Diddle Diddle, March,

Add G, G Waltz, March March, Play What You See, Raining, Hop Old Squirrel, Fais Dodo, The Oak and the Ash, Perry Merry Dixie Dominee, Good News, Babylon’s Fallin’, Evening Red,

Add E, Mary Mack, Hammer Ring, Old Lady Goose, Parade, When the Train Comes Along, Amasee, Chickahanka,

Add D, Left Left, Ghost Dance Song, ‘Simmons, Mary Mary,

Add D’, Appalachian Lullaby, O I’m Goin’ to Sing, Fanfare, Fishpole, Catfish, The Old Brass Wagon, All Night All Day, Double Dance, Old Tare River, Toodala, Skye Boat Song, Dance Song, Keemo Kymo, Mary Wore a Red Dress, Scherzo, Angel Band.


Fingerings for Recorders in F and C


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