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My Recorder Reader 2 (3rd Edition)
47 Songs in C and F Pentatonics
By Isabel McNeill Carley
Softcover Book
23 pages
For beginning soprano recorder player  

The collection of folk songs, original melodies and short exercises are all pentatonic and ordered so that the beginning recorder player can gain security with each new tone before adding another. It’s a “reader” book with almost no explanations of notation or techniques. C and F major pentatonic and their related minors (a and d) and a few variant pentatonic are used. Tones introduced are G E A C’ C D’ E’ F F’.  

Simple accompaniments for non-pitched and pitched percussion are sometimes included.  

This third edition retains the contents of the second edition with the addition of expanded reference and resource materials.  


Introductory pages 
   Author’s Foreword (To Learn a New Song) 
   Hand Signs and Instrument Abbreviations 
   Reading and Saying Time Names
   Editor’s Note

Part I – C Pentatonic and its Related Modes

Begin on G and E, Cookies, Constantinople, In and Out,

Add A, Rover, Conversation,

Add C’, Tinker Tailor, Name Chant, Church Bells, Jenny Jenkins, Fanfare, Riddle Rondo,

Add D, Daddy Shot a Bear, Marching, Evening,

Add C, Down in the Meadow, Barnyard Song, Kansas Boys, Restless Sea, Railroad Bill, Scherzo, Tideo, Shady Grove, Jim Along Josie,

Add D’, Hop Up My Ladies, Old Betty Larkin,

Add E’, The Band, Run Chillen Run, The Swapping Song, Jig, Old Dan Tucker, Stewball.


Part II – F Pentatonic and its Related Modes

Add F, Cotton-Eye Joe, As-Tu Vu?, Reuben Ranzo, Old Gray Mare, Sally Buck, A la Claire Fontaine, Il Etait une Bergere, Hold On!, Night Herding Song, Willowbee, The Devil’s Questions, Bonnie Doon, Land of the Silver Birch,

Add F’, Colorado Trail, Come O’er the Stream Charlie, Kashmir Song.  

   Fingerings for Recorders in F and C


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