My Recorder Reader 3, 2nd Edition


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My Recorder Reader 3 (2nd Edition)
44 Songs from Pentatonic to Diatonic
By Isabel McNeill Carley
Softcover Book
23 pages
For beginner recorder players  

This collection of pieces from all over the world includes 8 canons, two 2-part tunes, a time-change dance, and a game song.

The beginning half of the book uses all the natural notes from low C to high G and then introduces new notes: F#, F#’, A’, G’, Bb and F’. A fingering chart is included.  

Thirteen pieces have ostinato accompaniments on barred instruments with small non-pitched percussion parts. A majority of tunes have texts and a variety of time signatures is used. Pentatonic ranges expand into hexatonic and full diatonic scales and modes.  

This second edition retains the contents of the first edition with the addition of expanded reference and resource materials.  


Introductory pages 
   Author’s Foreword (To Learn a New Song) 
   Hand Signs and Instrument Abbreviations 
   Reading and Saying Time Names
   Editor’s Note

Songs and Recorder Notes Introduced

Twinkle Twinkle, The Flora Dance, New River Train, Where Is John?, Two Chanteys: Haul the Bowline and Haul Away Joe, Moravian Tune, Old Roger, Melody and Harmony, Hey Ho Nobody Home, Goddesses, Greek Dance, Animal song, Christmas Is Coming,  Joy to the world, Silent Night, Buttermilk Hill, The Drunken Sailor,

Add F#, the Train to Santa Fe, Oh She’s Gone Gone Gone, Gay La La Gay Is the Rose, We Three Kings, Here Between Ass and Oxen Mild, Israeli Dance Tune, The Whippoorwill, The Fox, Blow the Winds Southerly,

Add F#’ and A’, Mixolydian Dance, Lilliburlero,

Add G’, Steamboat, Playing Tag,

Add Bb, Eriskay Love Lilt, Johnny, Hush Little Baby, Lithuanian Tune, Cold Northern Winds,

Add F’, The Birds’ Courting Song, A Lullaby for the Flowers, The Seagull, Lowlands, A Bell Canon, Sayings, Jan Pieriwiet.  

   Fingers for Recorders in F and C


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