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My Song Primer 3rd Edition
13 Songs & Lessons from So-Mi to Pentatonic
By Isabel McNeill Carley
Softcover Book
26 pages
For teacher and student

This book is for beginners in Orff and children who are just beginning to read music. The Table of Contents offers an “at-a-glance” view of the concepts stressed in each song. The Introduction furnishes a step-wise presentation of what to do when learning a new song.

The book progresses sequentially.  Song materials begin with two notes progressing to the entire pentatonic. Suggestions for ensemble, dramatic play, and movement are included. 

Each lesson consists of a song, accompanying patterns for percussion and Orff instruments, summaries of new information, and detailed steps for warming up, learning, and arranging the song. Percussion and Curwen hand signs are used. Student singers first learn G and E on a 2-line staff. A, D, and C’ are added and by Lesson 9, students are reading from a 5-line staff, guided to proficiency through song.

This third edition of the book retains the contents of the second edition with the addition of expanded reference and resource materials.

Introductory Pages

   Hand Signs and Instrument Abbreviations
   Reading, Writing, and Saying Time Names; Tags 
   Editor’s Note 
   Author’s Foreword - How to Use this Book (steps to do when you learn a new song)


1.  Engine, Engine (Introduce So, Mi and use a 2-line staff)
2.  Swinging
3.  The Hiding Song  (Introduce La)
4.  Ungai Mungai
5.  Tinker, Tailor  (Introduce Re)
6.  Diddle Diddle Dumpling
7.  One Potato, Two Potato (use 3-line staff)
8.  Pussycat, Pussycat
9.  Shoe the Little Horse (use 5-line staff)
10. Daddy Shot a Bear
11. Riding in the Buggy (Introduce Do)
12. Ambo Hato
13. The Mockingbird


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