Myth Music And Dance of the American Indian


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Myth, Music and Dance of the American Indian
Collected, Edited & Adapted by Ruth De Cesare
Book and CD
51 pages
Grades 1-8

This activity-oriented sourcebook of American Indian tradition, is based upon the music and culture of 21 tribes. Designed for the music specialist, classroom teacher, or social science instructor, from the primary through middle school grade levels, Myth, Music & Dance of the American Indian will engage students in a combination of subject areas and activities: music, dance, history, geography, reading, instrument construction, and writing and language skills. 

This Teacher's Resource Book includes:

  • Comprehensive Instructional guides of each song, including pronunciation of Indian text
  • Information on tribes represented in the collection
  • An annotated reading list
  • Map of Indian culture areas and approximate locations
  • American Indian musical instruments you can make
  • Student workbook and Answer Key
  • Two Index types - Category of Songs and Tribal Listing

Indexes (by Category/Tribe)

Instructional Guides and Music
- Begging Song (Kiowa)
- Corn Grinding Song (Zuni)
- Dance of the Turkeys (Omaha)
- Do Not Fear the Horse (Pawnee)
- Duck Dance (Creek)
- Dust of the Red Wagon (Ute)
- A Fable (Winnebago)
- Healing Song (Dakota)
- Horse Dance (Yuchi)
- I'll Look Everywhere (Quileute)
- The Little Boy (Pawnee)
- The Morning Star (Chippewa)
- Mountain Hymn (Navajo)
- The Myth of Young Eagle (Paiute)
- Partridge Dance Song (Menominee)
- Pleasure Dance (Choctaw)
- Sleep, Child (Quechan) 
- Sleepy Time (Ojibwa)
- Song of the Clown (Tohono O'odham/Pima)
- Song of the Dove (Navajo)
- Song to End a Dance (Apache)
- Two-Direction Dance (Seminole)
- We Bring You Good Crops (Santo Domingo)
- A Winter Song (Ojibwa)

Tribes Represented in this Book
Selected Reading List
Selected Bibliography
Appendix: Indian Instruments You Can Make
Workbook Questions and Responses
Map of Indian Culture Areas and Approximate Locations



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