New Dimensions in Classical Guitar for Children - Book and Audio Access


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New Dimensions in Classical Guitar for Children

Author: Sonia Michelson

Book and Audio Access

This method is time tested, innovative, and has proven successful in imparting essential concepts of musicianship and classic guitar performance to children. It's realistic approach to early childhood education utilizes important concepts inspired by the writings of both Suzuki and Kodaly. This method stimulates musical imagination and ability through guitar techniques, eurhythmics, and listening and theory games. Students also learn by participating in movement, singing, and guitar performance. Includes access to online audio.


Song list:
Alabama Girl      
All Around The Buttercup      
Aunt Rhody      
Baker's Shop      
Bought Me A Cat      
Bye Bye Baby      
Come Little Children      
Cotton Eye Joe      
Cuckoo, Sing In The Spring      
English Song      
Fais Do Do      
Five Hundred Miles      
Freight Train      
Frere Jaques      
Green Holm Jig      
Here Come The Bluebird      
Hot Cross Buns      
Hush Little Baby      
I See The Moon      
I'll Be A King      
Ida Red      
Jim Along Josie      
Lavender Blue      
Let Us Chase The Squirrel      
Lightly Row      
Little River Flowing      
Looby Loo      
Love Somebody      
Mama, Buy Me A Chiney Doll      
May Song      
Merrily We Roll Along      
Michael, Row The Boat Ashore      
Mill Wheel      
Minuet In G      
Moon Magic      
Oh, How Lovely Is The Evening      
One, Two, Tie My Shoe      
Rain, Rain      
Ring Around The Rosy      
Rocky Mountain      
Round Up Four      
Simple Gifts      
Snail, Snail      
Sometimes I Hear A Song      
Song Of The Wind      
Star Light, Star Bright      
Strawberry Shortcake      
Turn Again, Whittington      
Twinkle Rhythms      
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star      
Who Built The Ark?      
Who's That  


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