Orff Piano Duet Book Volume 2


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Orff-Klavierbuch (Orff Piano Book)
Piano Duet Volume 2
Easy Pieces and Arrangements from Musik fur Kinder, Klavierubung
Arranged by Hermann Regner
63 pages

In German and English, this book of piano duets has many selections from Music for Children. Titles from Music for Children reference the English versions (title and number) adapted by Margaret Murray.

The Old Woman and Her Pig
The Badger
The Man in the Moon
The Cuckoo is a Clever Bird
O Lady Mary Ann
Song for Good Friday
Mary's Birth
Country Sayings
Amor, Amor
Three Angels are Singing
The Lazy Shepherd
From the Land of Milk and Honey
Zu Maien, zu Maien

Piano Exercises (Klavierubung)
1. Recitative
2. Pentatonic improvisation
3. Berceuse
4. Melodies over Ostinato
5. Bordun in Upper and Lower Registers (2 players)
6. To be arranged as a Rondo


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