Overseas Connection G-150 Large Mini Market Basket

Brand: Overseas Connection

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Every market basket is hand-woven in village co-ops in Ghana, West Africa using natural, locally available materials.  By purchasing these baskets, you are helping to provide healthcare and school supplies for the weavers, their families and their villages.  Since this is handmade, please note colors will vary from pictured.

Basket Dimensions:  8"-10" diameter, 5"-6" height ( not including the handles)


When this basket is delivered, it will be folded in a box.  Use the following directions for reshaping it.

Start by running warm water over the entire basket - you can even get the handle and tag wet.  Allow the water to soak in and then shake off any excess water.  Allowing the water to completely soak in makes the basket very pliable.  Put the basket down on a flat surface, roll it around and set into the desired shape.  Allow to air dry.




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